The new way to publish your catalog.
Easy-to-use, upgradeable, with multimedia contents.
It's never been easier to publish
your catalogue on mobile. 

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Create your own
digital brochure

TouchCatalog uses an easily-accessible online
password protected area for content management. 
You will be able to create, modify and update
your own catalogs, without any special programming
or graphics skills. 

Create, modify and update your catalogs online

Read it
on any tablet

Thanks to its use of HTML5 technology,
TouchCatalog is entirely cross-device.
You will be able to read your digital contents
on any Android- or iOS8-based tablet. 
Your catalogs will be fully compatible and
accessible on different platforms. 


Insert text, images and videos, for a full multimedia catalog


The catalogs are cached locally to guarantee full offline access


Catalogs are easily upgradeable from any personal computer

cloud based

TouchCatalog relies on a Cloud
server to ensure a timely 
synchronization on every device


TouchCatalog offers a wide choice of pre-defined themes. Customized layouts are also available


You have access to detailed reports for each catalog 

Get real-time

Thanks to the TouchCatalog's powerful dashboard, the
administrator can access to  analytical information such as
the most visited catalogs, the preferred ones, the most shared
over social networks.  He can check the global status of each
published catalog in a single page.

Visited pages, social network sharing, and much more

update, notify

With TouchCatalog, modifying your catalogs will be
easier than ever. No more paper reprints just to
change a picture, fix an error or update a paragraph.

You can apply changes from any Personal Computer,
using  your restricted, personal area.

Once a catalog is updated, it is synchronized with the
Cloud system. This will eventually propagate
the changes to all your catalog copies on the
devices of your clients/users/resellers, notifying them
in real-time. 

Public and
private catalogs

With TouchCatalog, you have control on who can read
your contents. Catalogs can be marked either as public or private,
andcnly specific users have access to private catalogs. With this feature
you can distribute restricted contents to to your colleagues, such as
internal previews, price lists, sensible technical data without the danger
of unwanted access from unauthorized users. 

You control who can access your catalogs

TouchCatalog® is in cooperation with

Etec Minds Etec Minds Comet Comet Eye-Tech Eye-Tech Università degli studi di Udine Università degli studi di Udine

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