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Choose the version of TouchCatalog
that better fits your needs

Graphic templates

TouchCatalog comes with various pre-designed templates, flexible enough to suit any need. 

Page layouts

 TouchCatalog has 8 page layouts for every template.
Goodbye always-repeating pages! 

Page numbers

 Number of pages for this package.

Monthly traffic

Available bandwidth for this package.

Annual download

Textual contents

Graphic contents

Possibility to add photographic material.


Possibility to add video material.

Social network sharing

TouchCatalog enables you to share
your preferred catalogues on Facebook .

Bookmarks & archive

TouchCatalog has an integrated bookmarks system, 
and an archive for downloaded content.

Custom graphic templates

If you cannot find a template that fits your company, contact us and we will design one for you.

Prices are intended as an monthly fee with annual payment, vat excluded.
Setup cost is a one time only fee.

Carlotta Gregoris

TouchCatalog Standard

Using TouchCatalog has been one
of the best choices for our business

Giorgio De Napoli

TouchCatalog Plus

Updating a catalog is no more a problem

Riccardo Marino

TouchCatalog Mega

It's nice to work together online 
to build up a catalog 

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